May 17, 2013

Cowichan Station HUB Project

This is our project at the Cowichan Station HUB community project.  A conversion of a historic school into a green community centre. 

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We installed 2 variable speed Mitsubishi Geothermal heatpumps,as well as 6 Mitsbubishi distribution units. The entire building runs on geothermal heatpump technology.

Two 7 ton condesning units


This is one of the 3 types of distribution units used. Called a ductless head, it requires no ductwork, using a fan to cycle air through a coil it can provide heating or cooling for a hallway/room.


This is another type of distribution unit. This air handler uses ductwork to displace air throughout a large room. There are 3 of these in the building.


There's 16 circuits total, totaling over 8000' of pipe in the ground


Check out the Cowichan Station  Area Association webpage here

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